We believe that protecting the environment is important. But we also believe in a level playing field. Most small businesses do not have trained environmental staff.  However, agency inspectors are full-time environmental professionals. This creates an unfair disadvantage for your organization.

Our Services can restore fairness to your relationship with regulatory agencies.

Our primary services fall into 4 broad categories, that include Environmental Compliance, Occupational Safety, Hazardous Materials Management, and Industrial Safety and Compliance.

Learn more about Rely Environment’s and CEA’s EHS and compliance services by downloading our EHS SOQ.

Hazardous Materials and Waste

If you have hazardous materials or waste on-site, you need to have a permit with your local Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA). This is usually a fire department or local environmental health department. In addition, you need to have an EPA ID number from the DTSC. Rely Environmental manages hazardous materials and waste compliance for more than one-hundred sites in California. We have the experience to make your compliance program a smooth and efficient process. We can also handle your universal, household and medical waste problems and ensure compliance with DTSC and CUPA requirements.

Underground Storage Tanks

Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) are regulated by the State Water Resource Control Board. Enforcement is conducted by your local CUPA. USTs have numerous requirements to maintain compliance, and we can ensure that the following functions are performed to keep your UST systems in compliance:

  • Testing and Certification
  • Monthly Inspections (DUSTO)
  • Vapor Recovery Requirements
  • CERS Reporting Requirements
  • Staff Training

Diesel Emission Compliance

Diesel fueled devices are heavily regulated by the California Air Resources Board. Each type of diesel device is subject to its own special set of regulatory requirements. We can help you sort out the requirements for your particular fleet and ensure that you are ready for inspection, for any of the following:

  • In-use off-road diesel vehicle regulation (ARB)
  • Off-road equipment (DOORS reporting)
  • Portable equipment (PERP)
  • Stationary equipment (APCD or SCAQMD)


Stormwater is a hot topic in Southern California. Smaller businesses are seeing more requirements in both industrial and commercial settings. Regional Water Quality Control Boards are stepping up enforcement. We can develop a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to mitigate the effects of pollution that runs off your facility. We can also manage your SMARTS database account. We focus on cost-effectiveness and fulfilling all the requirements of the program that applies to your facility.

Above Ground Petroleum Storage

Above ground petroleum storage above 55 gallons is reportable to your local Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) and will trigger the requirement to have a CERS account. Quantities greater than 1320 gallons require additional compliance with the Above Ground Petroleum Storage Act (APSA) and the development of a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC). Rely Environmental has the expertise to ensure that your facility is in compliance with all above ground petroleum storage requirements.

CA Environmental Reporting System (CERS) Management

Facilities that have CUPA permits are required to submit most of their documentation through the CalEPA’s on-line system, CERS. The intent of CERS was to provide a self-service compliance portal for the regulated community. Many people in the regulated community find CERS to be confusing and time-consuming. Rely Environmental has made thousands of CERS submissions over the years. We can manage your CERS account and keep you in compliance.

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