What We Believe

We believe that protecting the environment is important. But we also believe in a level playing field. Most small businesses do not have trained environmental staff.  However, agency inspectors are full-time environmental professionals. This creates an unfair disadvantage for your organization. Our services can restore fairness to your relationship with regulatory agencies.

Where We Started

Most people think of environmental consultants as expensive firms that prepare environmental impact reports and other documents for large businesses. Rely Environmental is here to make compliance easy for businesses of any size. We provide operational compliance for organizations that must comply with Air Pollution Control Districts and Air Quality Management Districts (APCD/AQMDs), Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs), Regional Water Quality Control Boards, Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), and the California Air Resources Board (ARB).


Back in 2001, I was hired by a local environmental agency (the San Diego APCD). As a new inspector, I was assigned to the most basic small business inspections. What I found was unmatched perceptions. The agency thought the compliance requirements for small business were simple, but the regulated community found them complicated, time consuming and confusing. Furthermore, they felt like the rules were a moving target. It is no wonder that large portions of the regulated community felt that the rules, regulations and inspections were there to generate funding for the agency, not protect the environment.


I didn't really like writing small businesses compliance violations and I could see that there was a significant need for environmental compliance consulting for small businesses. So, I started Air Quality Compliance Solutions out of a spare bedroom in my house. At that time I worked primarily as an air pollution control consultant. The client base grew. We learned about other environmental compliance requirements that our customers faced, we branched out and developed expertise in hazardous materials and waste, underground and above ground storage tanks, storm water and diesel emissions compliance. Eventually, we added more staff, moved out of the house into a real office and have re-branded as Rely Environmental. 


Our Work Environment

Rely Environmental fosters a professional and friendly atmosphere that lets our customers and clients know they can rely on us to provide for their environmental compliance needs. We strive to provide our staff with opportunities to:

  • Build relationships with customers clients, co-workers colleagues and agency personnel

  • Develop outstanding knowledge and skills

  • Become leaders